Female Hormonal Health

Three-day programme for women ‘Internal Beauty and Female Hormonal Health’

This programme is based on Western and Eastern techniques for prevention of ageing, stepping into your inner power and restoration of your hormonal balance.

“Female Healing’ programme is fully dedicated to the regeneration of the organs and tissues of the female body as well as balancing the function of endocrine glands. 

It is based on exercises and techniques related to the function of the meridian of the liver, thyroid gland and the spleen that result in a youthful look, better skin condition and overall higher appeal. 

These exercises can be beneficial for women of all ages and phases of life. At their core they represent ancient practises that have reached us. 

Apart from energising and cleansing, these practises:

     ◦ slow down the ageing process,

     ◦ accelerate the metabolism as a result of the better thyroid function, 

     ◦ eliminate the problem of ‘cold in the stomach or cold womb’,

     ◦ relieve menstrual or menopausal symptoms

     ◦ regulate your period, 

     ◦ improve fertility, 

     ◦ the body recovers from early menopause,

     ◦ balance the female hormones in menopause and improve quality of life,

     ◦ enhance sexuality

     ◦ the woman enjoys the effect of feeling more energetic, beautiful and attractive.

The least you would walk away with is the visible effect on your appearance and the amount of energy you will enjoy during the day. 

The practises, covered in the programme are: exercises for thyroid function balance, exercises for tightening of your lower pelvis, Ayurveda massage of the upper part of the body for cleansing from toxins and fats, crystal therapy, rejuvenating techniques, related to the liver function, ‘ovary breathing’ meditation, yoga exercises for the second and the fifth chakra, exercises with yoni egg, face yoga, mate tea ceremony, techniques for handling the feeling of ‘emotional hunger’. 

Their regular practice will lead you to a sense of balance, satisfaction and internal smile. They can also help you relax, release your internal tension and transform deeply hidden negative emotions. They are simple, easy, pleasant and actually fun. 

The group will be joined by a woman therapist, specialising in female Ayurveda massage, which has great impact on the function of the endocrine glands as well as an expert in mate tea ceremony and female Dao practises.

Course details: This is a two-day programme. It is held outside Sofia.

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For the upcoming dates of the course, please check the Events Section.

Maximum number of participants: 21

Lecturers: Rossitsa Georgieva, Ivelina Ninova, visiting certified yoga instructor

Where: outside Sofia. We are trying to select comfortable hotels with a nice spa centre.

Price: 460 BGN 

Discounts: in case of early booking and payment of the fee (30 days prior to the date of the course), signing up of a second person, families (mother and daughter, sisters) the price is 390 BGN.

Second subscription fee: 50% discount.  

Accommodation is not included in the price. You can choose between single or double rooms.

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