21-Day Home Cleansing Programme

The 21-Day Home Cleansing Programme is designed to help you release the unnecessary from your home and refresh the energy there. 

It is relatively simple, does not require great effort and doesn’t take much time, but if you do it, you will notice significant results. It is made to lead you step by step towards turning your home into a much fresher and brighter place.

Programme’s Main Principle: There is one task or home ritual assigned for each day of the programme. The time you need to spend on them is between one and two hours. To make the process efficient, you need to plan in advance when you will be doing the cleansing and to fix that time of the day for the rest of the programme. Depending on your daily routine it could be in the morning, in the evening or at any other time that suits your schedule. You can purchase the programme separately or you can attend our group programme that takes place three times a year, in March, June and November.

Starting with the group will give you the bonus of group energy and the awareness that you are connected to others, which is partly the idea of the course itself. However, you can choose any other day to start your programme.

The programme is designed in a way that alternates more difficult with easier or emotionally neutral tasks. This makes it balanced and easy to follow. Some days you will have more to clean and others will not be so busy. It depends on the situation in every individual home.

What will you get:

➢ Preliminary information: what you need to perform the steps of the programme.

➢ Self-help set, in which you will find: 

  • Progress diary for 21 days;

  • Table of the objects that you can repair, sell or give away with recommended deadlines; 

  • List of proposals where to take your old clothes, books or electrical devices. 

➢ Daily emails with the task for the next day and instructions how to carry it out. 

➢ Two online meetings to support you in the process.

For the upcoming dates of the course, please check the Events Section.

Price for group participation: 190 BGN

Price for individual programme: 230 BGN

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21-Day Home Cleansing Programme