I Ching, The Book of Changes: Work with Hexagrams


‘If your wish is reasonable and modest than it will certainly come true’

‘If everything slips through your hands with no result, the only thing to do is wait for a better time’

From the Book of Changes (I Ching).

I Ching is the first sacred scripture in China that in the form of symbols contains the convictions of the ancient philosophers about humanity and the world at large. In the course of 3000 years the Book of Changes has been the cornerstone of Dao philosophy, medicine and astronomy. It is one of the most popular treatises referring to an ancient method of divination based on the theory that everything in the Universe comprises of two types of energy – yin and yan. The interaction between the two generates various phenomena.

According to I Ching, life is an endless chain of changes, resulting from the interaction between yin and yan, the powers of light and darkness, warmth and cold. Each of the possible transformations is provisionally marked with one of the magical symbols – the Gua symbols: eight symbols of three lines, called trigrams. On their basis 64 hexagrams have been created (combinations of dash and solid lines), describing the interaction between heaven, earth and man. 

I Ching is still used in many ways: to receive an answer to a particular question, to analyse the present or forecast the future, to finetune your space and to attract something into your life. I Ching may help us receive answers regarding the direction we have chosen and the house, we live in.

Every house has a certain vibration depending of the degree of the front door and each degree is related to a particular hexagram. With I Ching we can find answers but also change on a fine level the balance of the environment. The right hexagram may help us attract what we are missing in our life or keep at bay any obstacles or negative influences.

In this course you will learn: 

  • How to read I Ching and choose the right hexagram; 

  • How to answer an important life question; 

  • How to balance your personal space with the help of the hexagrams; 

  • How to activate a golden pocket or to change the direction of the front door;

  • 24 hexagrams for corrections of an ‘empty’ degree and 4 hexagrams for correction of a ‘temple degree’; 

  • Hexagrams that activate your wealth, relationships and health; 

  • Interpretation of the 64 hexagrams in Bulgarian.

This course is open for everyone. You don’t need any previous knowledge or skills to attend. 

When: This is a one-day course. It is held once a year, usually on a Saturday or Sunday from 10.30 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. 

For the upcoming dates of the course, please check the Events Section. Maximum number of participants: 16

One week prior to the date of the course, the participants will be emailed the necessary materials.

Where: at the office of SPACE AND RITUALS, 46 Tulcha St, floor 3 or online.

Lecturer: Rossitsa Georgieva

Price: 160 BGN

Discounts: in case of early booking and payment of the fee (30 days prior to the date of the course), signing up of a second person, families as well as in case of subscription to more than two training courses at SPACE AND RITUALS, participants are given 15% discount.

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I Ching, The Book of Changes: Work with Hexagrams