9 Feng Shui tips for raising money

9 Feng Shui tips for raising money

May Feng Shui turn the tide with your money luck and how can we use this ancient knowledge to attract wealth?

Money matters in life. Why not stay open to all possibilities to improve our financial condition and change the tide in our favour with some simple Feng Shui tips. I believe this is possible. At the end of the day, this knowledge system would not have survived for 6000 years, right? Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical philosophy that brings harmony to the environment. Good Feng Shui may attract wealth, money and good fortune, if that is what you are after. Moreover, it gives you the necessary tool kit to attract all these things.

So, today we are going to look at several basic principles that according to Feng Shui can bring us wealth. 

Money, like everything else that surrounds us, is energy. Everything has its own vibration and is subject to certain rules. The Chi energy concept is very important in Feng Shui. It is hard to describe but let’s try … Chi is a form of energy that goes through everything. This is life-giving energy. It pervades our bodies, homes, buildings, and outside areas. Chi is magical and mystical. Also, it is not tangible. Chi should be stored, not scattered. “Find the energy and collect it”. This is the main objective in Feng Shui. 

Here is what you need to do: 9 Feng Shui tips to attract money.

1. Clean up and tidy your home.

This is one of the golden rules of Feng Shui to attract prosperity. Make sure that the corridors are in good order and passable. Put positive, affirming photos and pictures on the walls. Use mirrors to increase light in darker spaces and shake up the energy. Get rid of all old, broken or non-functional objects and of those that no longer bring you joy. This will refresh the energy in your house and will open space for new opportunities. Get rid also of everything reminding you of those periods in your past that you no longer relate to. Previous job, partners, old hobbies, clothes that no longer look good on you or raise ghosts from your past, photos on which you don’t like yourself or books you no longer read. This is stagnant and toxic energy that blocks you and prevents you from letting fresh things enter your life.

2. Fix your lighting 

This is one of the easiest tips for attracting wealth in Feng Shui. Lighting up any dark corners helps energy circulate. When there is circulation, there is also energy flow. Good lighting helps to achieve balance and harmony at home. Put new stem lamps in your dining room, living room and bedroom. Change the main light fixtures, if necessary. Replace all light bulbs that don’t work any more. The investment of time, effort and money will pay off. Having a well-balanced lighting is very important as it has a positive impact on your mood and attracts good things in your life. Don’t forget, light is energy.

3. Put the plants in the right places

Similar to lighting, plants are an easy way to improve the energy at home and attract prosperity. Lush green plants with wide leaves are the best. They liven up every corner, soften beams and columns and generally bring freshness to your house. It is best to place them in eastern, southeastern and southern sectors. Never put them in the bedroom, except if we are talking about a tiny cactus. Yes, cactus. Many people associate it with bad Feng Shui but that is not true at all. These plants absorb electromagnetic waves from the electrical appliances and help maintain humidity in the room. 

4. Surround yourself with wealth symbols

Not many people know that every object, photo or picture that we bring home carries its own energy and attracts different things to our life. Everything that we surround ourselves with influences our subconscious and adjusts us in a way that attracts people and circumstances that may take us closer to our dreams. Or exactly the opposite. Look around. What do you keep on the walls and shelves of your home? Are these symbols of wealth or of the things you want to attract in your life or are we talking a collection of chaotically selected objects over time. Or worse, objects that someone has given you and you have put them on display just to avoid hurting their feelings? In short, surround yourself with symbols of wealth. These could be anything from coins, pictures of trees in full blossom, bowls of fresh fruit, jewellery, a frog figurine with a coin in its mouth to a picture of your dream house. Everyone has a different idea of wealth. Visualise yours. 

5. Use crystals

Crystals are very strong activators. They have a crystal lattice that can be programmed and are a wonderful instrument to make an overall improvement of the energy at home. Positioned at the right place, they can help us sleep better, change the energy at home and attract prosperity. Use only natural minerals. Citrine and amethyst are the most suitable minerals for activating good fortune with money. A small amethyst geode close to the front door may attract such good fortune to your home.

6. Pay attention to the stairs

Energy circulates at home mostly through the doors and the stairs. While we go up and down, we activate the energy of our home. If you live in a house or a maisonette and there is a spiralling staircase, then it very quickly sucks up the energy that flows and won’t deliver anything for you. This is not good Feng Shui for attracting money and wealth. Put a large-leaf green plant close to the staircase or if there is enough room, place the plant pots on the steps. The plant blocks the energy leak. The same effect may be achieved with beautiful pictures, decorations or wind bells. Energy loves beautiful objects and hovers around them. 

7. Use water energy 

Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’. From the five elements in nature, these are the two dynamic ones. They move and create energy flow. Water is a very powerful activator and you can use it to make changes to your life. Water brings health and vitality to a home. Fountains, fish tanks and even a bowl of pure fresh water, positioned at the right place, can do the job and bring a lot of benefits to your business and finances. It is a good idea to consult where you should put them. You would read in many books that it is best to place them to the east or southeast but be careful. Placed on the wrong spot, these devices may get you into trouble. You can put them in your money sector but only in your personal sector, according to your personal energy number. Do not apply general rules. Feng Shui is very individual.

8. Meet your home and set your goals

Find out the directions of your home or office. Every part of your house has different influence on your good fortune and financial condition. You can do that with the help of a compass. Measure the front door and define the other directions. This will help you a lot to activate your money luck. Here most people make the same mistake – they orient themselves according to the sun rising direction. In most cases, this can only confuse you. Of course, the sun rises from the east but at the end of the day, can you really determine the exact angle you see it at from your house?  You need a precise degree. In Feng Shui the directions are very important because they relate to particular areas of your life.

9. Take care of the money sector of your house

Try to establish which part of your home relates to your personal money fortune. Use a Feng Shui calculator or consult an expert to discover your personal money angle. You may read everywhere that according to Feng Shui rules, that should be southeast but that is not valid for everyone. Create a special place where you can make an activation for your business, career, money and investments. Decide what to focus on, set a particular goal, related to money and put their wealth symbols, flowers, crystals, a small fountain. 

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva