Children and Feng Shui

Children and Feng Shui

In the last few months I’ve been frequently asked how Feng Shui can help us create a space where children feel good. The truth is with the help of Feng Shui we can provide a healthy living environment for young children and for teenagers. Their energy is expansive and to be channelled properly it needs a suitable space. Fortunately for parents, Feng Shui can help and alleviate the overwhelming chaos that often prevails in children’s rooms. The main goal being to make the child more focused, calmer and cooperative. The answer is yes, it can be improved. In some cases more, in other cases less but it is not impossible. The most important part is that the space fits the personal needs of every child. Here we are not talking about furniture or providing sufficient room, we are talking of something on a larger scale.

How to make the space we have fit the personal needs of every child? First of all, by analysing exactly in which sector of our home that space is located and the direction in which the child sleeps. We, as human beings, are very sensitive to the environment and constantly interact with it. This is true even more about children. Every child is different and two children in the same home may feel utterly different and give different results. Simply because children are not the same. The date of birth and their personal energy are important.

The significance of the earth’s magnetic field and the way it reflects the human biofield have a great impact. The magnetic and torsion fields influence the human organism on cellular level, as well as its organs and systems. The biggest impact of magnetism is on the nervous and endocrine systems. Our brains also have electromagnetic fields and depending on the particular wavelength, we find ourselves in a different state of mind – awake, active, drowsy, in deep sleep. The heart and other organs are no exception. It has been established that the change in the surrounding magnetic fields causes respective changes to the brain activity of humans. Therefore, one of the most important things with children is their direction of sleep and study. 

The first step is to make some calculations and see the personal energy of the child. After that, position everything at home in the right way – the direction of the child’s bed and desk, what objects to remove from the child’s room, use of colours, materials and shapes that align with the child’s energy. When the child grows up and there are upcoming tests and entrance exams, we can also make some activities that enhance the right energy. Also, if the child has a hyperactive mind or another particular issue, the space can be adjusted to soothe him or her. Sometimes the energy in the children’s room is not very favourable and allows for conflicts and illnesses. In such cases, it is recommended to make a home horoscope and perform some healings, if necessary.

In this BLOG you can find out how to calculate your child’s personal energy number and see the right directions for that number. If you need a consultation, call us or write to us. We will be happy to help. 

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva