The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes and its balance plays a significant part in providing us with a good night’s sleep. According to the rules of Feng Shui, if someone in our household suffers from poor sleeping patterns, if the relationship between the partners is tense, if the couple is struggling with conception problems, or there is a constant high level of anxiety at home, the first thing we need to consider is the bedroom.

In Feng Shui we use various techniques to bring balance in the space and every little detail actually matters. A number of things can be done to improve the overall condition of the people, sharing the same household. The direction of your bed, the colours and fabrics and even the smallest details are important. In general the bedroom should be painted in hushed colours, not too bright as they may overstimulate our mind and impede a good sleep. Several bright details here and there, however, can be appropriate.

Other factors are the overall design of the bedroom, the direction of the doors opening, the location of the windows, the sector where the room is situated, angled ceilings or what luggage we keep under our bed.

Here are some Feng Shui tips and rituals from Space and Rituals that will definitely help you.

  • Check the direction in which you position yourself to sleep. While we sleep our energy centre on the top of our head connects with the direction. The magnetic field of the earth has direct impact on us. Everyone has directions that are favourable for his or her personal biomagnetic field and other directions that are not. Your can check your favourable directions in our Calculator or read the article “Which star sign am I according to Feng Shui”;

  • Don’t sleep facing a mirror;

  • Remove any big living plants from the bedroom; 

  • If the layout of your home is such that there is a common wall between the bedroom and the bathroom, make sure that your head isn’t pointing to that wall, if the pipeworks or the toilet are situated there;

  • Improve the energy in the bedroom. Install an air humidifier or air ozonator, if necessary, or an oil lamp with the right essential oil. Essential oils have a calming and relaxing effect and make it easier to have a good night’s sleep. Try lavender, sandal wood or jasmine;

  • Use the power of crystals. A small amethyst geode put under your bed on head level or next to your head reduces the psychological and nervous tension and absorbs the intensive energy of our dreams. Clean it regularly under running water;

  • Clean up the space before going to bed. Use a Tibetan singing bowl or cense with a pinch of lavender, thyme and salvia. It only takes a few minutes but the results are wonderful. Stand in the centre of the room and make the bowl sing for as long as you need. The soothing power of the sound will not only cleanse you but will change the overall ambience of the room;

  • Remove all electronic clocks, living plants and if there are mirrors in the room, put some lovely veil on them;

  • Leave your worries out of the bedroom. This is not the place to take care of them. Let this room become your oasis, your sacred space where no daily chores can reach you. As Dalai Lama once said: „If the problem can be solved, it will be solved. If it cannot be solved, there is no use worrying about it."

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva