How to use candles at home?

How to use candles at home?

Candles, just like fireplaces, are one of the strongest symbols of fire in space. If used in the right way, they can help you cleanse the energy at home and reinvigorate your inspiration. 

Candles evoke creativity and vitality in every space – their flame can fill a room with passion for the sanctity of life and help you release the daily stress off your shoulders. 

Where and how to use them:

If there is one room in your home that should not be left without a candle, this is your bedroom. When I have Feng Shui consultations I always find bedrooms that lack warmth and passion and a lit candle can easily clear and warm up the space. 

The bathroom and the living room are the other two places where the use of candles can do a good job. 

Speaking of Feng Shui, we should have in mind that the candles in some parts of the house can be used to activate a certain sphere of your life and in other zones they should be used with caution. It is important to know where to place them freely and where to use them with moderation. 

  • The most appropriate zones for candles, according to Feng Shui, are the southern, southwestern and northeastern sectors of our home. 

  • When you use candles for activation or healing in Feng Shui, take note of their colours and shapes. It is better to use candles of bright colours like pink, red, yellow, orange. White candles are more suitable for zones that need cleansing or when you are performing a space energy cleansing ritual. 

  • Blue, green and black candles are harmonising objects as they combine antagonistic elements and I do not advise you to use such. For instance, blue colour is related to water, and the candle belongs to the element of fire.

  • If you are aware of your home horoscope and of the flying stars, avoid using candles and everything else that may be associated with the element of fire where there is star 2, 5, 7 or 9. 

  • Invest in natural candles, made of beeswax or soy or make sure that you have great ventilation in case you are using paraffin wax. Lighting a high quality candle in your bedroom about 15 minutes before going to sleep can change the energy in a big way and help you have a better rest, especially when combined with essential oils.

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva