Usually on the website of Space and Rituals we write about what Feng Shui is and how to use it in order to make our life better. Today, however, we are going to explain what Feng Shui isn’t and what really doesn’t matter:

  • The number of your apartment, car, mobile phone – yes, it may have some importance from numerologist’s point of view but not for the space you live in and how it influences you;

  • What floor you live on;

  • Is there a cactus in your house – really, poor cactus! It is the most wrongly accused plant in Feng Shui because it has needles. They won’t really harm you. We all have other ‘sharp ends’ in our houses to worry about, the cactus is not among them.

  • Your cooking stove is opposite the sink – according to some Feng Shui practitioners this is a huge problem because the stove symbolises fire and the sink is water. So, by opposing them we actually oppose two antagonistic elements. According to classical Feng Shui, however, this is not of such importance. 

  • There is a sequence of several doors – the only effect of such layout is that energy accelerates but this can easily be solved if we put some pots of plants at the right places. 

  • The height of the table and beds – there are some schools of Feng Shui under which the height of the table and the beds is strictly defined. In classical Feng Shui there is no such rule. You can wine and dine as much as you like on a high table, this will not harm your wellbeing or your digestion. 

  • The front door and your wallet must be red – that depends on many factors like the direction of your front door, your home horoscope, the personal elements of the people, living there. The chance that you need a red front door or a red wallet is as thin as about 10 %.

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva