The myth of the red wallet

The myth of the red wallet

It is widely believed that the red colour in Feng Shui is the colour of wealth and prosperity. So following that logic, we all need to have red wallets to attract more money. Is it really though? 

This is not exactly true. As everything else, this is highly individual. A red wallet may be good for me but not good for you. It symbolises the element of fire. It is the right thing for people with a personal element earth, as fire feeds earth in the cycle of elements and brings good fortune only to people of certain energy. For some, however, it can do harm because fire urges us to spend more. 

On the contrary, green relates to the element of wood, associated with growth and youth. Green attracts wealth. If you use green, you will be given many opportunities. It brings luck to people with personal numbers 3, 4 or 9. This will boost their good luck and creativity. In this context, when we choose the colour of our wallets, as in all other cases, we need to take into account our personal energy and what works for us. The main rule is to use the supporting element in the cycle of elements. Let me give you some examples to make it easier:

  • For people with a personal energy number 1, the personal element is water and the supporting - metal. The metal colours are white, grey, golden, silver, copper.

  • For people with personal energy number 2, 5 and 8, the personal element is earth and the supporting element is fire. The colours of the fire are red, bright orange, bright yellow, cyclamen, violet.

  • For people with personal energy number 3 and 4, the personal element is wood and the supporting element is water. The colours of the water are blue and black.

  • For people with a personal energy number 6 and 7, the personal element is metal and the supporting element is earth. The colours of earth are brick red, pastel orange, saffron yellow, mustard, brown.

  • For people with personal energy number 9, the personal element is fire and the supporting element is wood.  The colours of wood are green and lilac.

In reality, the wallet as an item is a reflection of our relationship with money but it doesn’t give us the full picture. Inside layout and colour of the wallet will not bring you a lot of money if you don’t know the laws of give and take. Here are some tips that can help you with money and wealth issues:

  • When you decide whether to buy something, ask yourself if this purchase would feed your soul. When you choose only the best for yourself, you actually avoid unnecessary items. If you have things at home that you don’t like or use, release yourself from them – sell them or donate them. If they don’t mean anything to you, they may bring joy to someone else.

  • Ask yourself – are you open to receiving bounty in your life? Are you pushing the idea away by feeling insecure or insufficient?

  • Be organised with your money as a whole, not just with your wallet. If you have received an unexpected amount of money or have saved a certain amount by making a discount or by receiving a gift, write it down. In this way you acknowledge all income streams in your life. When you take care of your wealth in your mind, you attract more wealth.

  • Do not stop the stream by saving too much. One of the valuable lessons that I have learned in my life with regard to money is that if I want more wealth, I need to focus more on increasing my income rather than cutting my expenses.

Naturally, you can use Feng Shui techniques for attracting wealth. There are so many people for whom they have worked. If they didn’t, this knowledge would not have survived over the last 6000 years. It is important, however, to know what you are doing. Because if you buy a Feng Shui book and it is written there that you should activate your southeastern sector as in the Bagua map it rules money, it will not necessarily work for you. In Feng Shui everything is strictly individual. If I, for example, activate my southeastern sector, I will achieve just the opposite effect because for me that is the direction of complete loss. If you have decided to use Feng Shui as a tool, I sincerely recommend you to trust someone who knows what to do.

If you are interested in this topic, there is a separate article on Feng Shui and Money here in the BLOG where we have outlined some selected techniques for attracting money.

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Author: Rositsa Georgieva