The stairs in Feng Shui

The stairs in Feng Shui

The stairs and the space around them are some of the most important spots in our home. The movement along the staircase creates an energy flow just like the car traffic on the street or the river in the mountain. When the staircase is located at the right place in the house, it can bring a lot of positive developments to the home residents. The opposite is also valid – when they are located in the zone of health or marriage, they may lead to trouble. The right location is individual for each house, depending on the people living there but there are also some general rules we need to follow. 

The stairs should never be in the central part of the house because on an energy level that may have an adverse effect on the health and marriage of the people in the household. They should not be very steep and the space around them needs to be well arranged, full of light and nicely decorated. When a certain house has a staircase, it is recommended to calculate the home horoscope in order to check the stars, which the staircase aligns with and do the necessary healings, if necessary. The staircase is a very powerful activator and if the stars are unfavourable, it is possible that you may attract some negative influences in your life.

Feng Shui masters say that spiralling staircases act like a corkscrew, they very quickly extract the energy and lift it up, which is not good. If you have a spiralling staircase, you can put plant pots or objects of art close to it. This will slow down the energy flow. 

Here are some more general rules: 

  • Keep the stairs well lit. Add more lights on the walls or on the steps, if necessary. 

  • Make sure the staircase is stable. 

  • Use light shades of colour and calming colours in the zone of the staircase. You can use wood, metal or concrete as materials.

  • Wooden staircases are suitable for zones like south, east and southeast. 

  • If your staircase is in the north zone, you can use metal. 

  • Concrete staircases can be built in the zones of northeast, southwest, west and northwest. 

  • If the staircase is right across the front door, place plants or other decorations to slow down the energy.

  • The staircase should not face another staircase or the bedroom door. 

  • Don’t put mirrors on the staircase. 

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