Difficult items

Difficult items

We all have things we don’t use or don’t like that we should better get rid of to refresh the energy at home. Clothes, bags, domestic or electrical appliances, souvenirs, decorations and all sorts of trinkets. This is the easy part.

There are, however, several types of objects that we are sentimentally attached to and simply don’t know what to do with. At Space and Rituals we call them ‘the difficult items’. Which are they?


If you look around your living space and see more books around that you possibly know what to do with, it is not just you. Buying more books than we can actually read is a common phenomenon. They take up a lot of room, collect dust and require special care. 

GIFTS from other people

Have you ever been given something you didn’t like and didn’t know what to do with because it was a gift from someone close to your heart or a relative? Everyone knows that a gift should not be given away or sold. What is the solution then? We risk finding ourselves stuck for years ahead with objects we cannot throw away simply because they were a gift. One thing for sure – our home should reflect our own idea about it and not other people’s ideas.

JEWELLERY we don’t wear

Every woman has it. We liked it when we bought it and we knew exactly how we were going to wear it. But we are constantly changing and what we thought was beautiful once, has served its time whereas now it just sits in its box and we skip it every day while looking for the best accessory. Jewellery usually has high material value, often it was given as a gift and we cannot ‘get rid’ of it so easily. These are some of the ‘difficult items’.


This is one of the hardest categories. Photos from our youth where we don’t really like ourselves much, especially pictures from the wedding with our ex, photos of dead relatives, photos from events, celebrations at the table, trips to the mountains or monasteries, etc. Every time I reach this part during the space energy cleansing workshops, there is a wave of emotions.

What should we do with all these things after all? 

There is only one solution – let them go. All these things just clutter our homes, mess our minds, they drain our energy and block us. In order to do this, we need to take responsibility and make a decision. And deal with our emotions and attachments, which is the hardest part. 

At Space and Rituals we can help you with this because we put a big emphasis on releasing everything that is old or jamming from our bodies, minds and homes. 

We have created a special 21-day programme, where we lead you step-by-step through this process and which gives us wonderful feedback. We hold 4 workshops on space energy cleansing per year, where we share with you many particular techniques and give you ideas what to do with the difficult items and the energy they leave behind. You just have to make up your mind to do it.

From Space and Rituals with love