Plants at home can be so beautiful, right? The thing is, they are alive, sensitive and each of them has its own energy. Plants have their own biomagnetic field. Have you ever thought about the fact that human aura interacts with the aura of the plants and different plants have different influences on us? 

In Feng Shui there are very detailed rules that guide us where to put our plants and where not. Some of them should not be placed in the bedroom and apart from that, there are some spots in our home where we should never put any plants in the first place. The reason is that plants represent the element of wood and if this element dominates in your environment, it may lead to conflicts. 

Here are some rules to follow: 

  • Plants in the bedroom bring emotional energy, they feed on oxygen at night and weigh on our energy body while we are asleep. That is why the bedroom is not the best place for them. However, if you really like your flowers, a small cactus or an orchid should not be a problem. 

  • According to the rules of Feng Shui, the best places to keep our plants are the eastern and southeastern zones of our homes as they are related to the element of wood and naturally balance these zones. 

  • The southern sectors are also good for plants because this direction in Feng Shui is associated with fire and wood keeps the fire going. 

  • Blooming plants are suitable for common rooms like living and dining roms. Choose plants with bright flowers because they bring joyful energy.

  • When to be more careful: if you are from the Western group and east, southeast and south are not your strong directions, then putting too many plants in these zones is not recommended as they would affect your good fortune. 

  • Also, if you have calculated your home horoscope (Flying Stars) and you have conflicting energy in one of the rooms, plants are the last thing to put there. 

  • CACTI protect from the electromagnetic waves of computers or other electronic devices which makes them very good plants for any house. Contrary to the popular opinion that their needles have unfavourable impact, they are in fact one of the most useful plants and the claims that they are ‘bad Feng Shui’ are simply not true. 

From Space and Rituals with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva