Magic Meteorites - pieces of cosmic consciousness

Magic Meteorites - pieces of cosmic consciousness

CHAKRAS: 1 - root, 3- solar, 6-third eye, 7- crown and 4- heart


ELEMENT: Fire and Earth

CHARACTERISTICS: internal vision, spiritual awakening, inter dimensionality and extra-terrestrial communication

STAR SIGN: all signs

HEALING EFFECT: on a physical level it purifies blood, improves blood circulation, gives physical power and energy, positively influences the psyche by evoking a feeling of joy and positive mood. 

DEFINITION: Meteorites are stones of extra-terrestrial origin. They are solid pieces of debris from cosmic objects such as comets, asteroids and planets that have survived their passage through the atmosphere to fall on earth. Their composition and range of colours vary. Mainly there are three types of meteorites: iron, chondrite (stony) and achondrite (stony-iron). 

The iron meteorites, such as Gibeon, contain primarily iron and nickel; chondrites are made of stone and achondrites contain very rare petrified irons, consisting of stony fragments and/or beautiful olivine crystals, built in the iron-nickel alloy. 

Meteorites are a present from another world. Many cultures consider them to be sacred and have supernatural powers. They embody the energy of other worlds and provide access to this special energy to their owner. Meteorites may balance and align the energy fields of a human body. Therefore they improve communication and may provide access to the stored internal information that matches our needs. 

It is a boost for your strength and endurance. Apart from that, the meteorite collects love energy from unknown cultures and presents it to the Earth inhabitants, allowing us to realise that we are only guests on this planet. Exudes energy of trust that helps us be more open to communication and exchange of trust. The meteorite enhances self-analysis and curiosity for the enlightened human beings and encourages the reality of Everything that is. 

THERAPY: A meteorite can be used for the treatment of anaemia as a booster for blood and tissues, but also in case of melancholy. It recharges our energy levels, helps us stay on higher vibration levels any time it is close to our body. Increases intuition. It can also help us understand our physical body, so that it becomes one with spirit. The meteorite offers strength and hope when we have been going through long periods of difficulties, struggling with some issue or being sick. Helps to recover after an illness when our immune system has been compromised.

The nickel-iron meteorites (such as Gibeon) are almost entirely made of iron. They are made of the substance that makes the nucleus of Earth and they may come from the depths of destroyed planets or the planet-forming planetesimals. These meteorites can be cut and etched, revealing patterns of crossed lines, called Widmanstatten figures. In ancient times they were considered a valuable source of metal for arms manufacturing. The high vibration intensity of these meteorites activates the kundalini energy channel of the spine. The nickel-iron meteorites are charged with star energy. They help us take a leap forward to great awakenings and changes with the help of cosmic energy and enjoying the ride. Moreover, they help us nurture patience in our spiritual journey, discover the spiritual in the most simple mundane tasks as well as the pleasure of the routine structure in our life. The nickel-iron meteorite is useful also for the implementation and completion of projects. It brings emotional balance and helps us develop and understand the wisdom of emotional experiences.

In the form of a crystal body or healing grid, this type of meteorite stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, preparing us for our internal vision and spiritual revelation. Positioned on the root chakra, it awakens the kundalini energies and provides a good source for grounding. Positioned on the solar chakra it stimulates the right actions, ensuing from the gifts of spiritual awakening and transformation.

The energy of nickel-iron meteorite combines well with Moldavite, Libyan Gold Tektite, Tibetan Tektite, Black Tourmaline, Emerald, and Kunzite.

Chondrite meteorites are stony meteorites, containing silicate materials, mostly pyroxene and olivine, as well as minor quantities of feldspath and plagioclase, plus nickel-iron. Their structure is made of small spherical grains, called chondrules. Chondrites have been radioactively dated to be 4.6 Bn years old. They may have come from the mantle of planetesimals and are the most frequently found form of meteorites.

They are adjusted and vibrate on the best frequencies for inter dimensional communication. Similarly to the quartz crystal, chondrites are programmable and can be used for storage of information. Meditation with such a meteorite can help us find esoteric knowledge and hidden agendas. It contains information from the spiritual records and chronicles the history of the ethereal objects of the Solar system. This is the instrument of astral travellers who want to explore cosmic conscience, related to each planet and its astrological features. The chondrite meteorite helps those who have come here from other solar systems. Facilitates grounding by ensuring a stabilising effect with regard to unknown models of behaviour or new environment.

The energy of the chondrite meteorite combines well with Moldavite, Danburite, Petalite, Amethyst, Sugilite and Hematite.

Achondrite or the Pallasite Meteorite is composed of a nickel-iron matrix with pockets of yellow-green crystals of olivine throughout the entire meteorite and has a high content of silicate materials. These meteorites may have originated from the planetesimals, even if their composition suggests volcanic origin as well. They open the cosmic portal, allowing us to experience and resonate with loving, cordial vibrations between us and the Universe. They help us also release fear and expand our conscience outside the body. Pallasite Meteorite is for flying, regardless whether it will cure our fear of flying or ease our astral journey. It may be used to enhance the connection with the fairy tale realm and the fairy kingdom. Its mighty energy vibrations facilitate the opening of prosperity and bounty in material life as well as escape from any deficiency-related problems. Encourages the materialisation of our thoughts into particular actions in reality.

Its crystal body and healing matrix stimulate the heart chakra and increase the psychic capacity of the third eye. It is also very useful for empaths by helping them stay grounded.

The energy of Pallasite Meteorite combines well with Phenakite, Herkimer Diamond, Dioptaz, Morganite, Emerald, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Smoked Quartz and Kunzite.

Author: Rositsa Georgieva