Protector and healer - Black Tourmaline

Protector and healer - Black Tourmaline

Part I

Have you ever felt some bad vibrations coming from a person or place? Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you just knew would have negative energy? Do you need some additional energy protection? Black tourmaline can be extremely useful in such situations. It is the energy bodyguard that you need to maintain your energy at the highest possible frequency without letting lower vibrations get to you. Black tourmaline is suitable for all, as it provides protection and elimination of negative energy. You can wear it as jewellery or keep it in the car to protect you from nervous drivers. You can put it around your home, in room corners or close to computers. It is especially efficient in the bedroom. When positioned in a certain way, so that the separate stones connect with each other, it can draw any coldness, illness or pollution out of your energy body while you sleep. It literally feeds on negative energy. Its crystal lattice acts like a sponge, absorbing the entire negative energy that surrounds it. For this reason it prevents negative energy from reaching you from outer sources and at the same time extracts the negative energy that you have accumulated in your aura. By absorbing negativity, this stone can prevent the penetration of unwanted energy into your home, mind, body or spirit, which makes it a protecting agent. Due to its powerful capacity to clean negativity, the black tourmaline is also a key tool in daily cleansing rituals and may help to release unwanted energy that is being stored in your energy field. Black tourmaline has strong grounding and stabilising characteristics due to the connection of the stone to the lower chakras. By grounding your energy and providing you with a deeper sense of energy security, this crystal helps you feel safe. 

A little bit of history...

Tourmaline was discovered during the Middle Ages but it was only at the end of 1800 when mineralogist George Kunz sold tourmaline to Tiffany & Co that it became popular. In ancient times the power of the Black tourmaline was known only to those who worked with it. Many shamans from African, Aboriginal and Indian tribes carried tourmaline with themselves to protect them from danger. In 18 century some Dutch merchants discovered that the rubbing of Black tourmaline leads to electrical charging of the stone – positive charge on one end and negative charge on the other end. It can be found in Africa, Brasil, Pakistan, USA and almost everywhere around the world. And that is not accidental. Usually what heals us can be found in nature nearby. 

The qualities of this mineral come from its deep black colour. Due to its dark colouring, it has strong energy and capacity to absorb negative energy without compromising its own. Its universality makes it a staple for everybody. It may help a lot to relieve symptoms of pain in the joints, cystitis, and multiple sclerosis. Crystal therapy uses particular techniques for healing that produce significant effects even after the first few sessions.


The magical qualities of the Black tourmaline are due to the protection it provides. It can defy unwanted energy and low vibrations, coming from other people, places and situations. It can absorb these negative vibrations and help you maintain your own biofield at a higher frequency. As for protection, the significance of the Black tourmaline crystal is very powerful because it protects not only your personal energy, it is also a shield for your home. In the same way that it acts as a barrier for the human biofield, it creates a barrier between the outer and inner environment of your home and protects you from bad energy. Black tourmaline is also one of the most powerful minerals absorbing electromagnetic radiation which makes it excellent for placing near computers or other electronics.

Black tourmaline cleans your mind, body and spirit and absorbs everything that you need to release. What is unique about it is that it engulfs every darker energy that is aimed at you and in this way it protects your energy and physical body from external attacks.

In the second part of this article we will explain how to use it.

From SPACE AND RITUALS with love

Author: Rositsa Georgieva